Hey Siri, Play "High School Musical 3: Senior Year" on Spotify!

Break out the Cap & Gown! It’s Senior Year!  High school is always one for the books! The good, the great and the “let’s maybe not write that part down”. Our senior year is one of the most pivotal years in our young life! It’s the start of something new! It’s cherishing the exciting now, but also enjoying the existence of the new future! Most of us could probably remember our senior year like it was yesterday! Our last Basketball Game, Honor Society Event, Homecoming & Prom! Capturing senior photos is such a milestone marker! These are the photos that go on your senior boards & in the famous graduating class section of the yearbook! These are the photos that remind you years down the road of who you were, who you are and who you have become. My hearts desire is that every senior who steps in front of my camera, knows that they so capable of becoming exactly who they were always meant to be! Here’s to the start of it all! Here’s to Senior Year!


Basic- $220

30 Minute Session

Unlimited Photos

Standard- $260

1 hour Session

Unlimited Photos